Zach Top

old country's coming to town

Listen to the honky tonk anthem,

"Cold Beer & Country Music"

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As a modern-day maker of instant classics, Zach Top is a next-generation artist with a sound that never gets old. His upcoming single, "Cold Beer & Country Music," is 100 Proof as it rolls in on a Telecaster riff that quickly gets rowdy with pedal steel to celebrate the simplest of escapes. 

Zach recalls, “Carson called and said he had a song idea we needed to write asap, so we got together and this song basically wrote itself. There’s nothing more straightforward than getting off work thinking ‘give me two rounds and crank it up so I can be done with this day! We didn’t do it purposely, but we ended up with a Haggard, ‘I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink’ vibe. You can almost see the dimly-lit, beat-up old bar, smoke swirling around this guy’s head, as he sips his beer as he zones out to the jukebox…” 

That’s no humble-brag, given the A-list players who recorded “Cold Beer & Country Music” at Nashville’s Soundstage Studio. There’s Brent Mason on Telecaster, Andy Leftwich on fiddle, Gary Primm on piano, Glenn Worf on bass, Scottie Sanders on pedal steel, Tommy Harden on drums, and Zach on acoustic guitar.